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For Home Owners

Miracle Maids Personnel Service

For Homeowners

Keep Your Home Clean with Miracle Maids 

Imagine your home looking pristine: every surface, every nook and cranny, cleaned to perfection.  With Miracle Maids Personnel Service, you can make this vision your reality.  Our referral agency has a local office near you, staffed with a manager that will assist you in finding the housekeeper who can best meet your individual needs and expectations. Our local office manager will be your account manager and will always be available to personally assist you.  In operation since 2005, we are backed by a long history of happy clients.  We are confident that your Miracle Maids account manager will find the housekeeper who is the perfect fit for you.  Make your life easier by contacting us at Miracle Maids.

Why Do You, as a Homeowner, Need a Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your home is a large task.  It takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you are completing a detailed cleaning.  It is also a job that feels as though it is never complete; the moment you think you are done, a new mess appears and back to work you go.  All you want is a home that is clean and organized, but it feels like you are constantly chasing this ideal without ever actually catching it.

Miracle Maids takes you out of the race and puts you at the finish line, where you deserve to be.  You get to have a home that is tidy, fresh, and stress-free without needing to take on the task yourself.  The moment you walk into your home and do not feel the weight of a cleaning to-do list on your shoulders, you will wonder how you were ever able to survive without the help of our life-changing service.  Instead of planning the next task you must tackle, you will be able to sit down and relax.  Finally you will have precious time to devote to projects that matter to you, projects that build your family or move your life forward.  There will be no more fighting over chores, no more stressing about getting the house clean before hosting guests, and no more sacrificing time with family and friends so you can get your home back into shape.  Instead, your home will become the sanctuary that you have always dreamed it could be.

How Can Miracle Maids Help You?

Whatever cleaning service you require, we can ensure that you receive it from a housekeeper who is talented and dedicated to their job.  

 We have housekeepers that can clean on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis as well as those who are happy to pop in for a one-time visit.  The housekeepers will work from your priority list, at a convenient time in your schedule, on any recurring schedule or on an as-needed basis, and all for a very competitive price without any long-term contracts.


Contact Miracle Maids for Your Housekeeping Needs

All you need to do to be on your way to a cleaner, healthier, and more relaxing home is give us a call.  Once we have the chance to learn about you and your needs, we will work to find the housekeeper  with the best fit and send the perfect housekeeper to your home.  We look forward to hearing from you.

For Property Managers

Miracle Maids Cleaning Services For Property Managers

Increase Your Property’s Marketability with Miracle Maids

Imagine having your rental property looking perfectly pristine and ready to hook potential renters without you ever needing to lift a finger.  With Miracle Maids Personnel Service, it is entirely possible.  Our referral agency will connect you with the housekeepers you need to make certain every unit and rental property you own is showcase quality and move-in ready for month to month renters or vacation rentals.  In operation since 2005, we have many property managers among our clientele, all of whom turn to us time after time to get their properties rental ready.  Make your job easier by contacting us at Miracle Maids.

Why Are Cleaning Services for Property Managers a Necessity?

The only way that the properties you own or manage can make money is by renting them.  Dirty units and properties are not going to entice renters to sign a contract.  Cleaning them yourself isn’t possible; you have too many other responsibilities.  

Here at Miracle Maids, we have cleaning services for homeowners available on an as-needed basis.  They take care of the dirty work for you, giving each property a deep and detailed cleaning that will leave potential renters feeling very impressed, and easily able to imagine themselves living in the space.  Once the job is done, you pay for the work and contact us again when you have another property in need of cleaning.  It makes the sales part of your job easier on you, and frees up your time to focus on other tasks.

How Can Miracle Maids Help You?

No matter what level of cleaning your property requires, we will make certain that you are able to obtain the service from a housekeeper who is capable and devoted to their job.  Our network of housekeepers and cleaning services ensures that we always have someone available who can meet your needs and work within your schedule.  With us, you never need to worry about finding the perfect fit.

The detailed cleaning our housekeepers can provide ensures that your units will feel as though they have never been lived in.  When potential or new renters inspect the property, they will see that it is bright and clean — and ideal for turning into their new home.  Every inch of the property will be given the proper attention, leaving the space immaculate for the renter.


What Makes Miracle Maids  Special?

One of our qualities that is very important to our property manager clients is that our service is guaranteed.  This means that we promise that the results of our service will meet your expectations.   We pride ourselves on our professionalism, commitment, and affordability.

For Realtors

Miracle Maids Personnel Service

Cleaning Services For Realtors

Impress Home buyers with Miracle Maids

The dedicated team at Miracle Maids Personnel Service understands that selling a home is hard work.  You aren’t always given the very best to work with, but it is your job to make it shine and get the most you can for the seller.  You have to stage the home, bump up its curb appeal, take great photos, write persuasive listings, host open houses, and do everything you can to change that sign to read “SOLD.”  

What else must be done?  You need to make sure the home is clean and pristine.  You need to project to potential buyers the impression that the home has been cherished and expertly maintained by the seller.  You also want them to fantasize about living in that home.  Achieving these goals means giving the property a thorough cleaning before any photo session and prior to every showing.  Such an extensive project requires a lot of work, which is why Miracle Maids cleaning services for Realtors is the perfect match for your real estate cleaning needs.

Why Are Cleaning Services for Realtors a Necessity?

Keeping a home clean and organized is an enormous task.  As a realtor, you no doubt have many properties that you need to keep in showcase condition, ready to show to potential buyers at a moment’s notice.  That means putting a lot of time and effort into keeping the properties clean, which is not something you can manage while also taking care of all the other things that are on your plate.  And, as you have probably discovered, you cannot count on the homeowners to get it done.  Potential home buyers need to walk into a beautiful space; they should not feel as though they are looking at purchasing a to-do list instead of a home.

Miracle Maids allows you to take this burden off of your shoulders and makes the properties you are representing more marketable with our professional and dedicated cleaning services for realtors.  You get to show homes that look immaculately maintained and perfect to live in without ever needing to lift a finger.  Once you start working with us, you will wonder how you ever survived without us.

How Can Miracle Maids Help You?

No matter what level of cleaning service you require, we can connect you with a housekeeper or housekeeping team who can handle the task.  All of the workers registered with our agency are talented and dedicated to their job.  While you no doubt expect that our housekeepers are able to provide basic cleaning services, they are able to go above and beyond a typical home cleaning.

In addition to typical tasks, such as sanitizing, dusting and vacuuming, our housekeepers will organize the closets and pantries, and even work with non-traditional areas of the home, such as the garage and patio spaces.   When you use Miracle Maids, you ensure that all areas of the home are ready to show.

For at least the initial cleaning, you will likely want a detailed cleaning to be completed.  This process will wipe away the dirt and grime that has escaped regular cleaning or has built up while the home has been unoccupied. 


What Makes Miracle Maids Special?

In our opinion, there are many things that make Miracle Maids special.    The service we offer is professional, affordable, and designed to meet your needs.

One aspect of our service that is invaluable to our realtor clients is that we guarantee our service.  This means that we promise that the results will meet or exceed your expectations.