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About Miracle Maids Personnel Service

“We Perform Miracles in Your Home”

High attention to Detail is our Priority!

Miracle Maids Personnel Service was founded with the very idea that cleaning is a specialized task, especially when it comes to the professional set up such as the commercial and industrial premises. Over a period of time, we kept raising the bar and now our residential customers have also realized the value of hiring uniformed professionals for their periodic cleaning services rather than using the services of the regular maids who do not match up to the experience, expertise, equipment or the professionalism and punctuality offered by us.

Miracle Maids Personnel Service brings the two concepts together. We provide top level customer service and support by handling your scheduling, billing/payments, work order notes and accounts professionally. We match your cleaning jobs to only qualified cleaners who have passed our strict screening registration process. Cleaners we work with must have professional house cleaning experience with a track record of satisfied clients, must have professional industry training and/or equivalent in work experience, must pass background screening and reference checks and must demonstrate qualifications to get do the job professionally.